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Key features of WebStart

Designed to match your needs. Customized to your corporate logo colors and your style and business. We will provide consultation  on how to select styling, a color palette that works.

We are only using using premium themes in our designs. This includes free upgrades for the life of the package you purchase.

WebStart includes free hosting. Though you cannot host another Amazon with that, it is more than enough to host moderately demanding web site.

You will receive an email account on your own domain. This will greatly boost your marketing efforts.

We will install, update and run patches to keep your website up and running, so you can focus on the business while we worried about your web site.

We use automated and configuration tools to monitor your web site security activities and live status. We keep your assets protected inside guarded firewalls.

Building a website does not stop once deployed. Its life starts from there. We will help you to keep it alive by helping you with a fresh new post each moth.

Frequently asked Questions

What kind of technical support do I get?

We take full care of the technical side of the system. You don’t need to know HTML, CSS, JavaScript or Security. We will cover for you.

Who owns the domain?

As our customer, you are the owner of the domain. We will help you registering a domain and configure Zone files free of charge.

What happens when subscription ends?

You can either scale up and upgrade to our next level product WebUpgrade or you can preserve the subscription at a discount price.
You will get an upgraded discount every year you use our service.

  • Year 1 – Regular discounted price (say 100/- per month for example)
  • Year 2 – 15% per month (You pay 85/- per month)
  • Year 3 – 30% per month (You pay 70/- per month)

Your regular discounted price will without increase for first 3 years.

After 3 years, the majority of our customers would go to a new website or a redesign, as web standards change all the time.

After 3 years if you don’t want to upgrade or re-design the website with new looks, you can keep the subscription with a 30% discount applied to then available price rate.

If you did not upgrade or keep up with the subscription your services are suspended till sufficient funds became available for hosting and maintenance.


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Start from where you are today. Grow in to the scale you can imagine at ease.


Every customer brings a unique challenge.


For everybody. A stepping stone.

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