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Web Designers and Photographers

Creative Design

We develop your website beautifully and creatively.

Careful Analysis

Every customer has a story, a struggle to win. We listen.

Simple Process

Start from where you are today.

Scalable Services

Grow in to where you want to be.

Timely Delivery

We set SMART achievable goals to deliver on time.

Reliable Service

Continuous integration, security updates, optimizing.

How can we help?


Your Company Needs a Website. At LifeOfAClick, we design and develop elegant responsive websites that works on all platforms. Ask for a free quote to start with!

Web Hosting

Yes, with the LifeOfAClick WebStart package you can get your site hosted free – saving hundreds of dollars per year. We do custom packages and designs to suit your needs, contact us to find out.

Data Analysis

Database consultancy, Data cleaning, De-duping, Custom Programming and Reporting. Brind in your data and we will help you to get most out of it. Flexible phase and charges. Free estimates.


Photography for websites (Products, Crew, Tools etc), Family Photos, Portraits and Porfolios. Choose a product package to suit your need. All packages include free digital files.

Why purchasing a website an important decision?

This is how the stats looks like. Research data shows 97% of your potential customers will look for your online products and services and 50% of them are on the move using a mobile device when they do that! They didn’t have a newspaper, were not listening to the news, was not infront of a bill-board or was not listening radio spot ads when they decided on your business. To make a purchase, to find out more or look up the address and business hours of operation. Read more on this in our blog.


70% - Compare prices or looked up reviews before purchasing decision


88% - Have influenced by an online review.


91% - Have visited a store because of an online experience


37% - Used internet to find a business at least once a month

What is in it for you?

Double your sales - Let the Customer know You!
Half of your sales or referrals, leave your website without converting to a business or useful lead every single day. Why? Since they couldn’t clearly identify you/your business. Your website does not have the content they want to see. At LifeOfAClick clear content is one of our design strengths. We provide our customers with valuable insight into how information should be organized based on the nature of the customers’ business. Information architecture is one unique technique as well as an art of its own.
Reduce abandoning - get clear CTAs
Call To Actions (CTAs) are the key in turning a visitor to your website into a customer. Confusing CTAs not only breaks your sales process, but also looses potential customers premature. We, at LifeOfAClick try to align our clients sales pitch and sales process with the information presented. Either it is a digital deliverable like a download, or a product to sell, or sales inquiry, we make sure it easier for the customer to proceed, and commit.
Keep you visitors coming back - Update often
Web sites are not “Set it and forget it” kind. The majority of the customers believes a website is something that they can purchase and forget thinking it will maintain the results as expected. It’s sometimes being a misconception the customer inherited from their website consultation. What a Trap! Websites are like Automobiles in many ways. They need to maintain, updating and introducing new content. Also, keeping website software healthy, saved from hackers and spamming. All our websites come with built in tools for security. We configure each and every website as an individual case. Updating existing content and adding new content is a service we provide throughout the life of a website. Look for more on our product pages.
Get free advertising - Look for search giants
A modern, well designed, up-to-date website can bring your company a wealth of savings from free organic traffic routed from search engines like google, bing and Baidu. “Modern”? Yes, if the website is 3 years or older, it’s time for a brand new design. Think of your smart phone – can you use it forever though you can still make phone calls with it? Every 3 years, its the time for a major overhaul of your website. It could be a redesign or build an entire website ground up. You have to consider this as search giants also change their algorithms frequently with the ever evolving web standards. At LifeOfAClick we advise clients about current web requirements and show them where they needs improvements. We help make changes to existing websites as well as help building starting from scratch using existing digital assets – so you can save most of your investment.

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All Prices are indicated in Canadian Dollars. LifeOfAClick is a Canadian Company. Your client information and emails are hosted within Canada. You can learn more about our Terms of Service

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