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@Life-of-a-Click develop Websites that converts clicks in to leads, calls & customers.

Ask us to hear how we combine Web, Data and Analytics that gives you intelligence to make that happen – again and again.

With decades of experience, technical know-how backed by results oriented analytics + stats and experience in photography we make anything we touch a work of art.

Call, Text or email (best way) – now to find out. Your time will not be wasted.

Our Design & Development Process

Backed by 19 Years of industry experience we are helping to solve interesting problems providing innovative, salable and cost effective solutions to our clients.

How do we do that? @Lifeofaclick, we have a prooven easy to follow design process.

Strategy & Roadmap.

A complete time bounded road map indicating a strategized plan of how your project will be completed is shown and agreed with you before project inception.
It is clear and there will be no surprises!!

Visual & User Journey.

In a fast scrolling world, it is important to get your customers attention in seconds. We can help you to nail down hard challenges like these with ease, so you can focus on what you are good at.


A complete, from the scratch development of a website or just to modernize your stagnated website into a fast conversion beast – we serve for the both worlds. Ask us about Hosting, Email, G-Suite and app integration. A Complete Package.

Long term relationships

Yes, we believe in that. Meaning -You can sleep rest assured. No more scary dreams of security threats, government regulations and toughening privacy laws. We care our customers to maintain their websites regularly.

What We Build For?




Tool Builders



Pets Groomers

Cleaning Services




CAD Designers

Event Planners

Health / Fitness


Case Studies

Regain Health

Physiotheraphy & Hand Clinic

@Lifeofaclick we have developed a functional, quick and easy navigate website for this client.

A wonderful case study showing how a small idea has grown in to a great functional product. Read the complete story below.

The website solution we have provided includes DNS management, visual design of website, coding, customization and styling, user journey optimization, hosting, testing and constant updates to keep up with their steady growth.

We have recently helped our client to extend into Google G Suite with their business growth. This is success by hard work, set by example.

Our constant backups and server monitoring provides peace of mind and great after sales service in the long run of a successful business.



CAD 2D / 3D Designing

We have designed a website to help showcasing our clients’ CAD and CAE work. RWEI is working on designing Conveyor systems for open pit mines, including drive and transfer stations. They wanted to Provide production documents in 2D drawings, 3D models or STP/DXF formats for their clients. RWEI wanted to attract designers, manurafacturers and consultants for manufacturing companies to promote their expertie.

@Lifeofaclick we have creaed their website with ease in naviagation and functional mobile first architecture of ours.

What We Offer

We offer complete end to end solutions in marketing, online reputation management and IT related problems. Our solutions includes consulting for IT and integrated Marketing solutions, Web Designing and developing of websites, Services Integration and Automation.

If you have a gap to bridge, a problem in mind – we are happy to answer your questions with suitable solutions.

Web Development

Responsive, Mobile First results oriented

Roadmap & Strategy

Time Bound Strategic Plan for Every Project

Responsive Web Development

Strictly following responsive Web stanadards

Visual & USer Journey

Curated visual design and crafting of user journey 

WorldClass Support

Complete end-to-end support

Data backups

Automated backups, rule based monitoring

Product Updates

Website updates, software upgrades – full support

Award Winning quality

Maximum quality standards

services integration

G-Suite, E-Commers, Scheduling and etc.

Why purchasing a website an important decision for a business or an individual?


Visitors vs Bargain Hunters

This is how the stats looks like. Research data shows 97% of your potential customers will look for you online – before you stand a chance to get a call or quote request from them. Visitors liked compared prices or look up for reviews.

So are you ready to beat the crowd?

Why Mobile-First?

50% of those 97% were on the move having some form of a mobile device when they did looked up for services and products that you offer.

The bright side is that many did trust the web on the go, compared to any other form of media such as a newspaper, news ads, a giant bill-board or many unaddressed mail collecting in their mail box.



Why Online Experience is Crucial?

Many have visited your website because of an online experience – could that be a Facebook like, a tweet in twitter or a photo pinned wildly in Pinterest. There are many.

The important question is how many of them have you converted to a potential buyer? a prospect?

Internet is the ONLY search engine in 21st Century

Yes. It could be Google, Bing, Bido or DuckDuck or what ever – Yet more and more living beings search online to find You out there. So why no body finds you?

Well that is a million dollar question as many did not find you since you were not on top of search results. Well that is just an excuse. However even if you were the number on in the SEO many visitors left you in seconds due to many reasons.

The NUMBER ONE in the list is many did not find your website attractive or user friendly to give what they were looking for. They could not wait.

Well, how much time you have here? 5 seconds if you are lucky. Yes, that’s shocking.


Proven Technologies

Customer satisfaction %

Days of experience and counting (19Yrs)!

~Life Of A Click~

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Double your sales - Let the Customer know You!

Half of your sales or referrals, leave your website without converting to a business or useful lead every single day. Why? Since they couldn’t clearly identify you/your business. Your website does not have the content they want to see.

At LifeOfAClick clear content is one of our design strengths. We provide our customers with valuable insight into how information should be organized based on the nature of the customers’ business. Information architecture is one unique technique as well as an art of its own.

Reduce abandoning - get clear CTAs

Call To Actions (CTAs) are the key in turning a visitor to your website into a customer. Confusing CTAs not only breaks your sales process, but also looses potential customers premature.

We, at LifeOfAClick try to align our clients sales pitch and sales process with the information presented. Either it is a digital deliverable like a download, or a product to sell, or sales inquiry, we make sure it easier for the customer to proceed, and commit.

Keep you visitors coming back - Update often

Web sites are not “Set it and forget it” kind. The majority of the customers believes a website is something that they can purchase and forget thinking it will maintain the results as expected. It’s sometimes being a misconception the customer inherited from their website consultation. What a Trap!

Websites are like Automobiles in many ways. They need to maintain, updating and introducing new content. Also, keeping website software healthy, saved from hackers and spamming.

All our websites come with built in tools for security. We configure each and every website as an individual case. Updating existing content and adding new content is a service we provide throughout the life of a website. Look for more on our product pages.

Get free advertising - Look for search giants

A modern, well designed, up-to-date website can bring your company a wealth of savings from free organic traffic routed from search engines like google, bing and Baidu.

“Modern”? Yes, if the website is 3 years or older, it’s time for a brand new design. Think of your smart phone – can you use it forever though you can still make phone calls with it?

Every 3 years, its the time for a major overhaul of your website. It could be a redesign or build an entire website ground up. You have to consider this as search giants also change their algorithms frequently with the ever evolving web standards.

At LifeOfAClick we advise clients about current web requirements and show them where they needs improvements. We help make changes to existing websites as well as help building starting from scratch using existing digital assets – so you can save most of your investment.

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