We are a Canadian company, based in Guildford – the north commercial center of Surrey, British Columbia. We help our clients with consultancy services in World Wide Web related technologies. Simply put, we design and develop awesome websites for our clients small to medium sized businesses, portfolios and special events.

Found in 2015, we are a young company in Canadian soil – though we are carrying two decades of experience in various projects related to Web, Programming and Data related technologies such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, Drupal, OpenCart, Visual Basic, VBA, PHP, electron, Java, MS Access, SQL and data reporting tools.

We set our goals to bring the best to the local community.  Being global citizen, living in a complex, cosmopolitan environment, we target our best to bring down costs in final 20% of the any project, thus the bigger 80% is still manageable and profitable for our clients.

Keeping our goals in mind, we have created some wonderful products like WebStart, WebUpgrade and WebDesign to provide our services in a manageable budget without hurting our customer’s bottom line as well as their customers.

We have invested in good equipment and software to bring you the best in photography.  Find more details on our photography page.

If you are interested in knowing more, or exploring opportunities, please call, text or email us at your convenience.

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We are web designers and photographers


We manage the project and implement on time.


Start from where you are today. Grow in to the scale you can imagine at ease.


Every customer brings a unique challenge.


For everybody. A stepping stone.

From our product line up:


For everybody. A stepping stone.

A future rich solution for anyone who is looking for a website. You get a manageed website, a premium theme, Email addresses and hosting with this package.


For fully implemented CSM on your own servers.

A full featured CSM application installed and configured on your hosting server. Geared toward tech-savvy users who do have the time and courage to manage and keep-up with a challenging CMS environment.

How can we help?

Web Development

Your Company Needs a Website. At LifeOfAClick, we can help you having one for an affordable price tag.

Free Web Hosting

Yes, with the LifeOfAClick WebStart package you can get your site hosted free – saving hundreds of dollars per year.

Blogs and CMS

Beautifully designed blogs and content management systems to keep your customers informed and engaged.


Photography for specially for websites (Products, Crew, Tools) Portraits, Family Photos, Product Pictures and Porfolios. Affordable packages.